Power Automate allows you to add all kinds of awesome functionality to your SharePoint lists. The two most common scenarios are starting a flow when a SharePoint item is created and starting a flow when a SharePoint item is created or modified. In the first case, the flow will only run when the list item is created. In the second scenario, the flow will run every time the list item is created or modified. So anytime the item is changed the flow will run.

Important to note that the flow will also run again if the item is modified by itself or another flow. If you have a flow that runs on created or modified and that flow updates itself, that flow will continue to run in an endless loop. The flow will run, modify itself, that modification will kick off a new flow, which will modify the item again and kick off a new flow, etc, etc. You need to make sure you have some logic in the flow that avoids creating these endless loops.

The basic architecture of tools I’ve created in Microsoft 365 has usually been a SharePoint list, with a Power Automate flow with one of these two triggers. Examples include kicking off an email, or starting an approval process or calling an api.

Here is a quick introduction and demo on how to use the SharePoint triggers, “When an Item is Created” or “When an Item is Created or Modified” in Power Automate.

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