A scheduled cloud flow is an enormously powerful Power Automate feature and flow trigger. It allows you to set up a flow that will run automatically on a set schedule. Putting the power of a server task scheduler in the hands of all Microsoft 365 users. Once you set up the flow, it will run on that schedule and you don’t have to worry if your computer is on or if you’re in the office or anything, it will be completely automated. I’ve used this for all kinds of things, here are some use cases.

Getting information from Excel reports that are regularly placed in a document library. If you have an application that spits out reports, you can set up your flow to regularly retrieve the file, extract the contents, and then do something with the data, like populate a SharePoint list or send out notification.

You can regularly check a list, pull out some data and send emails or create tasks based on that data.

If you need to clean up data in a list or excel workbook regularly, you can automate that process and run a scheduled flow once a year or once a quarter.

Think about any task you do at regular intervals. That’s a good candidate for a schedule cloud flow.

Video introduction of using the scheduled cloud flow trigger. In this example, I schedule a flow to run once a week, that will pull some information from a SharePoint list and send an email.

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