Power Apps is a great option if you are looking to customize and modify your default SharePoint forms. You can also create apps outside of SharePoint and use SharePoint as the data storage part of the application. This will leave the SharePoint default forms intact.

To customize your SharePoint list forms, click on integrate > power apps > customize forms. If you want to create an app that doesn’t impact or touch the default forms in your SharePoint list, start from PowerApps and click on the SharePoint options to start an app based on your SharePoint list.

There are some limitations when modifying your default SharePoint forms. You can only really use one form screen and one form. If you want to do something more complicated, let’s say navigating between screens or having different forms based on the user, it’s difficult to do that modifying the default SharePoint list forms. In those cases, you probably want to start in Power Apps, using the SharePoint list as the data storage component, but not the form component.

Quick video on how to customize SharePoint forms with Power Apps or how to create a Power App form with a SharePoint list that doesn’t impact the default SharePoint forms.

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