I’m working with Camtasia to create demos and how to videos for this site. Among other things, Camtasia is a video tool for doing screen recordings. I wanted to create a document library for storing my Camtasia projects, where I can easily open and edit and save to the library. I also wanted to have some metadata around each project so that I could track things like the application I was talking about and the status for the video. Since Camtasia isn’t tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 like Word or Excel, I had to synchronise the library down locally using One Drive. It’s quite easy to do that, just hit sync when in the document library. Once the library is local, it’s easy to save and open project directly from that local library and everything will synchronise up into my SharePoint library. From there I can create some columns for the extra metadata I’m looking to capture.

In this video, I created my Document Library for Camtasia projects, sync it to my computer and create metadata fields for the projects.

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